Pastor Search

Update 7/30/19:

The Session met for a July meeting on July 22, 2019. Executive Presbyter Rev. Terry Kukuk moderated the meeting. The Session has a lot of preparations to make before we can officially begin our search for a new pastor, and Rev. Kukuk and the Presbytery are indeed helping us navigate this transition.

A Congregational Meeting was held on July 7, 2019 and we officially dissolved our relationship with Rev. Beau Brown.

The Session now has the responsibility of hiring a transitional pastor. This person will serve as our temporary pastor until the time a new pastor can be hired. The transitional pastor will help guide us through the formation of a new Pastoral Search Committee, and serve as our full-time pastor and meet the needs of this congregation throughout the whole process.

The Session will always be transparent with the congregation and please feel free to share with any Session member any questions or concerns that you may have.

I am pleased to announce that our journey has officially begun. At the July meeting the Session formed a Transitional Pastor Search Committee and the members are: Jim Arter, chairman, Steve Wilhelm Richard Ebert, and Nancy Roberts.

Our church is going through change right now, but we are indeed open and running and working to meet the needs of our members!

Please join in each Sunday and share your concerns and hear the updates as we work together to meet our goal!

Nancy Roberts, Clerk of Session

Update 6/24/19:

First Presbyterian Church

Session Snapshots. . .

The Session met with Pastor Beau for his final Session meeting on June 24th.  We addressed the work and needs of our church and we feel confident as we move forward and seek a new pastor.

Special guests at the meeting were Executive Presbyter, The Rev. Terry Kukuk and The Rev. Arby Con, Committee on Mission.  With their help we outlined our immediate needs and concerns as well as “where do we start now in looking for a new pastor?”

Terry stressed several times that the Presbytery will give us support and guidance and that certainly has been the case.  Terry will join us for worship on June 30th to meet our congregation and to answer questions. On July 7th we will have a Congregational Meeting to formally dissolve our relationship with Rev. Beau and on July 22nd the Session will meet again.

Michele Slone has been working on Pulpit Sully and the following is a list of our guest ministers/speakers: July 14 & Aug. 4 – Rev. David Fleming; July 21 & July 25 – Rev. Linda Niece; Aug. 11 & Sept. 22 – Rev. Terry Kukuk; Aug. 18 – Rev. Woody Amidon; Sept. 1 – Juanita Brooks; Sept. 8 – Christy Wilhelm; Sept. 15 – Michele Slone.

Everything is running smoothly as we continue the work for our church and the Session will always share its progress as we seek a new pastor!

Our church is open and our congregation is active – please join us on Sunday mornings!

Nancy P. Roberts

Clerk of Session